Welcome to our new site
for Subaru lovers.

My name is David and I have been in the engineering industry for 19 years, of which the last 10 years I have been manufacturing lift kits.
I have raised all sorts of different vehicles but the majority of what I have built were for subarus,
Most model lift kits are in stock so there is minimal waiting period, and if you wish to see what your subaru could look like lifted, select your model from the menu.
Fitting of kits is also available at a well worth it price.
While browsing our site, keep in mind that although not new to this industry, our web site is, and that any feedback or suggestions to our product range or website would be greatly appreciated.
If there is something you want, that you can’t see, just ask us, as the possibilities are endless.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy browsing our site.

Our latest lift…

" These kits are designed, built and installed specifically for offroad use"

6" monster kit fitted to Jason Cleminson's Brumby. We have fitted 30" x 9.5" mud tyres along with 15" x 6" pajero rims which we welded and redrilled and painted in silver 2 pack.

This vehicle is an everyday work ute...

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