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Check this out, Fossil (my dad) has done it again, he thought his first jump in 2001 was great and got alot of attention not only in australia but overseas. Just quickly, he is a man under 60 years of age, and has been planning his second jump ever since he did his first jump accidently. This time he thought why not let the old wagon go out with a bag, seeing as it was going to be retired after yandina and a new project started.

I can tell you , Dad (Darryl) is really proud of himself, only came out of it with sore back and tongue (from biting it)
I will have a more footage each day, and also video will be added constantly.
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VIDEO CAN NOW BE DOWNLOADED (better videos to come)
(right mouse click and save target as...)
I have compressed them with xvid, so if you dont have that codec please download it from here
Fossil jumps (1.7 mb)
Fossil recovering (2 mb)

Another fossil jump from front- no sound (3.9 mb)
Complete footage from start of jump seeing Fossil - no sound (10 mb)
Thankyou Leon for this footage




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