Big Boys April 2001

Problems set in early with one engine smoking and losing power before we reached the event. On the first round of the Gymkhana, Skip busted his Gearbox. Puss was the next person to experience problems trashing his gearbox. Selecting reverse gave him 1st gear ?? go figure???. The carnage continued when my rear left strut collapsed in the Hill drags. Other problems included two engine problems in our V8 club members. Fossil was fortunate enough to almost escape problems winning numerous rounds of the Hill drags before losing Turbo pressure (back to 10psi) and then being beaten by a Turbo Pajero.

The Extremely Loud Backyard Boys Camp Site

The Convoy Up

Skip's short lived Gymkhana Run (Last Frame is the jump that trashed the G'box)

My Black Beast on the Gymkhana Course

MarvinTM playing in the Mud

Gus doing it easy before trashing the Gearbox

The Carnage (Subi Graveyard Middle)

Fossil's EJ20 powered Wagon (thrashing a V8 Cruiser - far right)

F-Trucks Doing it dirty
Gus towing a Landcruiser Craig's Stocko Spook
Before After
Ian's Clean Machine The Libs first taste of offroad
Gus making use of a broken C.V. We weren't the only ones with Bad Luck

Skip's Trashed Gearbox

The wounded Backyard Boys on the LONG drive home

NOTE : If you would like the larger copies of any of these pics then please email me