Big Boys 4X4 October 2001

We had a brilliant weekend at Big Boys. We had some mishaps on the trip up; broken throttle cable and a fuel pump that refused to run but were soon back on the road.

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On the track the Sube's excelled!!. We had a good rollout of competitors representing the Backyard Boys : Brett, Skip, Fossil, Tim, Craig and myself.

It was Tim's first Gymkhana but he drove like he'd done it before. Good times and a nice display of driving. Check some of his launches below.

Unfortunately Tim spun round on one of the runs hitting an embankment bending the radius rod and ripping the suspension bolts from the chassis rails.

Brett had the new Lib on the track for the first time. Its powered by an EJ20T, awesome power with a 4.11 ratio diff. Nice package but unfortunately he burnt a clutch and without the lift the going was tuff and the result was carnage.

Skip said he'd "take it easy" this gymkhana but "I don't think so". He was winning in the quoits event until he tried to pull 2nd but pulled the gearstick clean out of the box.


Fossil was in the running for several events going through to the finals in the Hill drags but was finally beaten by a V8 Hilux. Have a look at the roosters it was throwing and the air he got below.

My car performed like Magic. This was to be the last Gymkhana for this engine but it ran fantastic and if weren't for some unfortunate incident I may have won the pursuit events (Turbo spiked and blew the Plenum chamber clean off the engine)


Unfortunately Dave also had problems with the F-Truck. After giving Foss a hard time about his accelerator cable he jumped in the F-truck and went to feed it and broke his own cable. Entering the Gymkhana course he dropped the tail-shaft. That doesn't stop a backyarder though.

It wouldn't be a BYB weekend without some backyard fixes.
1. Brett demonstrates the "proper way" to remove the Radiator support bar
2. Fossil demonstrates how to improve air-flow into the Intercooler
3. Brett and Doogie fine tuning Tim's radius rod
4. Fossil demonstrates how to build a temporary tail-shaft rated at over 180km/h

Now here is the guy who stole the show in his Stocko spook. Craig almost took out all events although he'd be one less trophy if I hadn't blown the top of my plenum chamber (Doh!!!!). Well done Craig.

Special Thanx to Darryl for his dedication to getting this on film for us.


NOTE : If you would like the larger copies of any of these pics then please email me