Dyno Results (31/07/01)
More Photos of the Wagon

Yes, That's right. This L-Series Wagon has a WRX motor. It has been done.
I know many of us have talked about doing it (including myself) and now here is the proof that it can be done.

Well how does it go ? - Simple Answer - FAST!!!

Purchase the Vehicle : It started off as a L-Series wreck with no engine purchased in exchange for a bottle of Rum. 

Body Work : When you purchase a car for a bottle of rum it is not exactly going to pass road worthy. There was some rust and panel work to be done.

Drop the Engine in : Initially a Vortex Half Cut was purchases and the EA82 was installed. This vehicle pulls a one tonne trailer and more traction was eventually required (AWD).

Drivable : With the engine installed, a new paint job and a set of Sunraisiars, the car was now ready for driving and registration.

EJ20 Installation : Unfortunately the EA82 wasn't to stay in long. The traction of AWD was required for work purposes. The EJ20 along with gearbox was purchased and installed.

The good and the bad : The good news was the engine dropped straight into the engine bay with a nice amount of clearance, the engine mounts bolted into the original location but the installation of the EJ20 and Gearbox wasn't without its problems. 

There were numerous little things but among the most important things to note were :

To fit the Brumby you must also shave about 20mm off the chassis rails to prevent the motor hitting.

Increase ventilation / airflow : As you can see Darryl has done some very nice custom work to the bonnet. This has allowed the EJ20 to breath easier as well provide a better flow of air to the intercooler.


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