Yandina Labour Day Weekend 2001

There was a huge turn out for the Yandina Meet with over 130 competitors. Due to the number of competitors and the organizers changing the rules as they went we didn't get the Subaru's on the track a great deal but I think you'd agree from the pics below the highlight of the weekend would have to be Fossil's amazing jump. Enjoy the pics. (Click on the jump pics to enlarge)

Here is Fossil as he leaves the earth's atmosphere.Click here for video

Me keeping it below 10,000 ft. (in comparison you can see how high Fossil got)

Skip making nice time

Craig (former Subaru RX owner) gettin some air

Rick's Sube

Brett's Nice new Lib
Brenda losing her bet
Our usual bit of Carnage
It's not a Labour Day Weekend without rain (our camp)