18th, August 2003.

Craig's Black WRX- see pics

28th, May 2003.

Redback's Turbo Conversion - see pics

27th, May 2003.

Possum Bourne Tribute Cruise pics see photos

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 25-27th, March 2003.

Minor fixes. Restore some missing content, newstyle thumbs

Monday 24th, March 2003.

Uploaded pics for BYB BBQ Sept
and BYB BBQ Christmas - see photos

Friday 21st, March 2003.

FINALLY got the new site up and online - still minor things to fix

FunOnWheels Speedway

February 2003.

Finishing touches to new site


Tuesday 2nd, March 2002.

Big Boys Easter 2002 Pics

Friday 15th, February 2002.

Added a new section - Humour

Thursday 14th, February 2002.

Moved http://funonwheels.net to its own hosting. (ie: more webspace).

Special thanks to www.coasthost.net

Friday 24th, November 2001.

Spring Clean. Site needed some cleaning up. Knocked out some of the dints and gave it a bit of a re-spray.

Thursday 23th, November 2001.

Put some of the Video's back online.

Thursday 15th, November 2001.

New roll out effect on opening text of first screen

New email address: funonwheels@oztech.com.au

Monday 5 - 7th, November 2001.

Fun on Wheels gets its own domain.

Migration to new Hosting facilities.

Friday 2nd, November 2001.

Forced to remove larger content from site (changes to telecommunication charges - working on solution)

Sunday 15th, October 2001.

Big Boys October

Monday 24th, September 2001.

BYB BBQ 2001 Videos

BYB BBQ 2001 Pics

Thursday 6th, September 2001.

New Webserver. Now able to deliver heaps more downloads.

Added heaps of WRX videos

Added WAZZUP series to Audio/Video - Humour

Sunday 2nd, September 2001.

Carnage !!! A new part of the website where you can find pics of when things don't go to plan.

Pics of Brett's Pig

More Pics of the White RX Project

Tuesday 28th, August 2001.

Higher Quality copy of Sube Brochure

Monday 27th, August 2001.

Subaru Accessories Brochure from days of past.

Tuesday 31st, July 2001.

Powered by WRX Dyno Results

Uploaded Yandina Labour Day Weekend poster.

Added some extra pics around the site.

Powered by WRX Photo Shoot

Thursday 28th, June 2001.

More specifics on the EJ20 conversion.

Monday 25th, June 2001.

Updated the Events pages.

Wednesday 9th, May 2001.

Document Dual shock assembly

Tuesday 8th, May 2001.

Yandina Labour Day Weekend Pics.

Wednesday 18th, April 2001.

Big Boys Easter Carnival pictures.

Monday 9th, March 2001.

Uploaded some pictures from our Bribie Island venture. Document the Gearbox and Diff swap.

Sunday 11th, March 2001.

Audio/Video. Started compiling the Audio/Video pages. Click here to view

Sunday 4th, March 2001.

Powered by WRX. Click here for more details

Friday 2nd, March 2001.

Misc Photos. Here you will find more 4WD action along with some amusing moments (or not so amusing at the time)

Gold Coast Christmas 2000. This is how we spent our Christmas.

Thursday 1st, March 2001.

White RX. See pictures of my second RX project car.

Sunday 25, February 2001.

Site Launch. I have been keen to develop this site for months and today I finally got my butt into gear and got a few pages together and this is the result.